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Real-world learning

A Vigorous Curriculum

A vigorous education is relevant and responsive, while developing the 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication.  Learning experiences occur in the classroom, in the community and in nature. The aim of a vigorous curriculum is to create independent learners, with a lifelong love of learning, an emotional capacity for personal growth, continued wellbeing and ability to resolve conflict, and the skills and courage to take action in their community to make the world a better place.

Giving best facility in nature, merging international curriculums, raising independent kids. We got covered.
~ Lala, Indonesia, parent

Developing the whole child

AAIS aims to develop a growth mindset where students have a positive attitude to learning and are determined to try their best and learn from their mistakes.  They are inspired by the success in others and have the courage to take on challenging tasks. AAIS bases our behaviour management model on restorative practices, building a school culture that is supportive and respectful, based on healthy relationships.  Students are empowered to accept responsibility for their actions and to rebuild relationships if there is conflict.  

Lovely professional teachers and very nice eco philosophy.  They work on Australian Curriculum - very student centred
Manuel Moreno, Australia, educator

Embracing nature

Nature is our classroom. We recognize the profound benefits of connecting children with the natural world. Our nature-based curriculum takes learning beyond traditional classroom walls and into the great outdoors. Children engage in outdoor activities,nature exploration, and eco-friendly projects that promote environmental awareness, sensory development, and a strong bond with the natural world. This approach nurtures a sense of empathy, stewardship and respect for our planet.

Best school project ever. The enthusiasm, the idea, the team, the place…an absolute treat for my child to get the life education in a very supportive environment. I could not wish for anything better!
Jera, Slovenia, parent

Nurturing change makers

At AAIS we not only believe in the importance of meaningful community connections but our staff, students and school community regularly take actions to serve others and empower our local neighbours with new skills and opportunities.  We equip our students with the competence and attitudes to make a difference in their community while respecting local culture, speaking other languages, exploring the issues and collaborating with others for appropriate solutions.

Nurturing willful, responsible, creative, caring leaders was my dream. Now both my girls are enjoying fun learning in a jungle.
Liuba, Ukraine, parent


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Meet our team

Baik Dewi Yuningsih

Founder, educator, philantropist

Dora Parr

Lead teacher and Program Director, BA (hons), MA, PGCE

Ripki Pratama

Primary Years Teacher Assistant, S. Pd

Anggun Citra Sasmi

Early Years Teacher Assistant, S. Pd

Monica Gita Noverry

Early Years Lead Teacher, S. Psi

Claudia Adiella Utomo

Early Years Teacher Assistant, S. Pd

Maya Purwaningtyas

Chief Administrator, M. Pd

Early Years

Our Early Years Program is a Play based curriculum anchored in hands-on nature experiences, learning by doing and working with and caring about others to build positive relationships and social-emotional thinking skills.  Teaching and learning is student centred and inquiry based with our literacy and numeracy outcomes from the Australian Curriculum Learning Framework.


Our vigorous primary curriculum combines the Australian Curriculum outcomes with project based inquiry units developed around an inspiring theme with integrated subject opportunities.  Themes for this school year include:Taking Care of Our Earth - How Things Grow Exploring Cultures and TraditionsHow Things Move and WorkHow Societies Work TogetherDuring these units, students are encouraged to ask questions and develop their own investigations, based on the inquiry process and using prompts such as “I see, I think, I wonder ….”We report on Australian Outcomes as well as AAIS customised outcomes according to our students’ year level.  Our program is designed so students can confidently transition to other international curricula or other countries.

Primary & Secondary Tutoring Services

AAIS provides tutoring and educational consulting services for primary and secondary students who are independent learners or homeschooling but would benefit by having the school arrange external tutors and school coaches who help students through their learning journey and provide feedback to parents on their progress.Tutoring in Maths, English, Science and Bahasa Indonesia will be available after school hours for all levels of learners.

Temporary enrollments

A student in attendance for less than a full term may be charged on a pro-rata base. Temporary enrolments can be negotiated up to six months only. After six months a student is considered a full time enrolment.

Community Outreach

Students, staff and families engage with the community in meaningful service . We embrace the Oath for Compassionate Helpers with the core commitment of:  “ I will listen carefully and seek ways to empower others while never doing for others what they have the capacity to do for themselves.”  Anak Alam IS runs after school classes for local children to learn English and be capable of taking action for sustainable solutions in the community. The management team is committed to supporting the regional education department in training teachers in innovative pedagogy, through internships, workshops and lectures.

Frequently asked questions

Does student age determine which grade my child is placed in?

Grade placement is determined on a case by case basis by the education team.  Social-emotional maturity, language ability, previous circumstances, achievement levels, among other factors all play a part in determining the appropriate grade level.   Of course this is an important discussion we have with parents after all relevant documentation is submitted and we have had an opportunity to observe and assess the child.  We always put the needs of the child first and are always open to review as appropriate.

How compatible is AAIS curriculum with other international schools and schools in my own or another country?

AAIS is based on the Australian Curriculum and so students are able to transition to other schools and other countries without difficulty.  Our assessment and reporting ensures that schools can easily understand student academic achievement and social emotional progress. We also liaise with schools promptly in the instances that they may need further information.

When will applications not be processed in a given year?

If a grade level is at full enrollment, or when a support program such as EAL has reached capacity, then an application for admission into that grade level or program can be submitted but will not be approved until space is available - of course we will keep you updated on availability.

When should we start an application to enrol at AAIS?  When will applications close in a given year?

Please contact us as soon as you think that a move to Lombok may be in your future. You do not need to have secure plans in place to make an initial inquiry. Given that every admissions decision is based on case by case basis,  as well as space availability within grade levels  and programs, we suggest that you gather your application materials early and complete your application as early as possible

What documentation is required to enroll?

Passport page photo of student and guardian, kitas documentation, previous school reports, and/or homeschooling progress documentation, immunisation information, health information, emergency contact, contact details, address details, any  professional psychologist or relevant other documentation regarding evaluations, media permission waver, local Kuta travel permission waiver.

How do I know my enrollment is complete or successful?

You will be notified with a formal email either asking for more information or providing news of the application status.  You may request information regarding the status of your application at any time.

What is the procedure if my child is sick or going to be away?

Please contact the lead teacher if you know your child will be away or is sick.  This helps with planning requirements, practical classes and group work.  As with all good schools, we expect students to be in class to support their learning unless she is sick or an exceptional situation arises.  Please discuss with your lead teacher in such circumstances.

Does your school have a uniform?

Not at this time, but we will are open to discussion on this point.

How essential is it to submit documentation of my child/ren?

While documentation is not required for enquiries, it will be an essential requirement for a successful enrolment process.

Are students expected to have devices in the Primary and High school?

Yes we are a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school.  Primary students typically have tablets from Grade 3 and above, while middle and high school students have an expectation of an i3 processor equivalent with 4-8gb of ram.

How is the school’s internet connection and IT infrastructure?

We have very good wifi throughout the school and there are phone and computer charging areas.

Are school excursions compulsory?

Yes! Our learning is integrated with real world experiences.  Our activities are almost always curriculum linked so students will ‘miss out’ on important content and learning links that we will use later in the classroom.

Are there school lunches?

Yes, we have an excellent provider at very low daily cost that has a menu designed by nutritionist, a variety of tasty food catering to vegetarians and nonvegetarians.  However, of course you can choose to cater for your child’s lunches.

How do parents and school generally communicate?

While we remain small, we have parents’ Whatsapp group.  We also have a Parents’ Representative group, as well as meetings with the School Leaders, at least once a term

Do some applications have priority?

AAIS is an inclusive school and we do our utmost to cater for the needs and aspirations of all our students.  We make decisions of the suitability of students on a case by case basis depending on space, staffing, and resources available.

What is the timing of the school year at AAIS?

We have 4 terms in two semesters from August to July.


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